Boon Hygiene

Rewriting the Rules Of The Period Games!

We are not just about sanitary napkins, we are about sparking a revolution in women’s hygiene.


Budget Friendly yet
NO Compromise on Quality.

We’re your fearless friend in feminine care, challenging stereotypes and smashing taboos with our bold attitude. From innovating like there’s no tomorrow to speaking up on issues that matter, we’re all about making waves


We’re all about embracing the messy, marvellous magic of menstruation and celebrating the powerhouse that is the female body.

About the founder

Meet our incredible founder, Adv. Divya Malik, affectionately known as the 'Padwoman' of India!

Divya's journey began at the age of 23 while pursuing her MBA, where her passion for menstrual health and hygiene ignited. She is the brains behind Boon Hygiene, driven by a mission to revolutionize how women perceive and manage menstruation.

Divya is on a mission to break down barriers, starting with educating young girls about menstrual health and dispelling myths along the way as for her menstruation isn't a taboo, it's a natural, empowering cycle.

Her goals are as diverse as they are ambitious


Empowering Education:

She's determined to arm young girls with knowledge and confidence, banishing stigma one conversation at a time.


Accessible Affordability:

Divya is adamant that no woman should have to compromise on her health due to financial constraints. That's why she's committed to making pads not only accessible but also affordable for all.


Health Advocacy:

By promoting proper hygiene practices, Divya's on a mission to safeguard women's health, reducing the risk of cervical cancer and UTIs associated with inadequate sanitation.

Meet The Team

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Let’s bring a change together

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