Boon Hygiene

Rewriting the rules of
Period Game!

Eco-Conscious Innovation

Leading eco-friendly periods with biodegradable materials

Customized Comfort

Pads with adjustable absorbency and flexible shape for comfort

Empowering Education

We teach and support women to feel confident about periods


Pocket friendly


Welcome to the story of Khushi and her mother, Seema!

Boon Hygiene has showcases its two-fold mission 

  • To educate, empower and become a beacon of hope for women like Khushi.
  • To provide sustainable, affordable menstrual products, breaking barriers of stigma and providing women with the tools to manage their periods safely and confidently.

Behind the brand

Meet our incredible founder, Adv. Divya Malik, affectionately known as the 'Padwoman' of India!

Divya is on a mission to break down barriers, starting with educating young girls about menstrual health and dispelling myths along the way as for her menstruation isn’t a taboo, it’s a natural, empowering cycle. But that’s not all, her goals are as diverse as they are ambitious.